Great Panel Site to Test Products.....

5:59 PM Posted by Michelle


This is a very cool opportunity to try new products before anyone else if your chosen! So go check them out. It's easy, free and fun!!


A Site Called House Party

5:28 PM Posted by Michelle

House Party: This is a site that you can sign up for. They have all kinds of parties that you can host, if your chosen. Just Register & they will let you know when you can sign up for each party. You have to be VERY QUICK though when they email you the invitation! If your chosen they send you materials and goodies to have a party for them with your friends or family. The stuff you receive will be different with each party. I have been chosen for four party's but on one of them I didn't check my email until that night and they had filled my spot. Bummer!!! But, in my past packages for me and friends I have received makeup, T-shirts, free coupons for products, 12 boxes of popcorn and Large nice Orville popcorn bowls. I have also received ink pens with flashlights on one end and Backpacks......So head over there and check it out.

House Party