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1:14 AM Posted by Michelle

   Thank You for Stopping by and considering All In A Days Work for a Product Review, and or Product Review+ Giveaway or Advertising for your company.  
 Here is some basic information that I hope helps answer your questions... 
Blog reviews are great to promote your company and your products especially to a large demographic of women, mothers, and yes even dads.
So let me help you spread the word and drive traffic to your site today. I love what I do and I promise to offer an honest opinion on all products.
I offer a few different methods that you can choose from which are:

    1. Product Review Only - You send me the product to review please keep in mind it will not be returned it becomes my property after receiving it. After I review it (good or bad) I will post my review with pictures of the product or products that will include a link to your site. I will also promote your site and product on Facebook, Blog Forums, Twitter and any other outlet that will bring positive attention.
  2. Products Review + Giveaway - This option starts out much the same as the first option with the exception that you also offer an additional item for a giveaway to be held on my blog. Then after the giveaway I will send you the winner's mailing address and information and you send out the product. 
         Both options are wonderful for business but, honestly the second one will get you tons more exposure and traffic to your website that (could) result in sales, or more word of mouth from the visitors to others.
Please allow 2 weeks for Reviews, or Reviews + Giveaways to be fully completed. Most are completed within a much more smaller time frame but two weeks is the maximum.
       **** I also offer affordable advertising space that allows you to target your advertising needs.This mean's  I would advertise your sites picture, logo, link or service on my site for a fee. Please use the email address below to inquire about advertising rates, giveaways or reviews.
Contact me at: