Yoplait Less Sugar, More Fun prize pack - My 1st Giveaway!!!

8:20 PM Posted by Michelle

Okay I am so excited this is my first giveaway thanks to My Blog Spark and hopefully the start of a lot of giveaways. I am also having my blog redone, so within the next week it will be easier to navigate around my page. Okay on to the giveaway =)
First off my family loves this stuff. It is all it claims to be and more and is very yummy to my tummy as put by a 7yr old...lol...Are you searching for a snack for the kids that tastes good and is good for them? Yoplait Kids yogurt is the perfect solution with 25% less sugar than the leading kids´ yogurt. With its thick and creamy texture that will hug your little one´s spoon, you won´t have to worry about a sticky mess to clean up afterwards. It also contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, so you can feel good about serving it to your kids.

In addition, Yoplait Kids is a good source of vitamin D and, according to two new studies that provide the first national assessment of the crucial nutrient in young Americans, millions of U.S. children have disturbingly low vitamin D levels, possibly increasing their risk for a variety of health concerns, including bone problems. About 7.6 million children, adolescents, and young adults have vitamin D levels so low they could be considered deficient. It can be challenging for growing kids to get enough vitamin D because this nutrient is only found naturally in very few foods; however Yoplait Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of vitamin D and calcium in your child´s diet. 
2 of my lucky readers will win their own Yoplait Less sugar More Fun Prize Pack including:  
Coupon for a Free Yoplait Kids Yogurt Six Pack, A Travel Cooler, for on the go, A Fun Spoon that changes Colors in Warm Water, A Reusable Place Mat with Games to keep the kids happy, and a Fuzzy Tangle Puzzle.

Here's what you have to do to enter:
MAIN ENTRYVisit Yoplait Kids Yogurt and tell me a flavor that sounds yummy... 
- Follow Me with the Google Friend Connect on the left side bar - 2 extra entries

- Subscribe to my blog (left sidebar)

- Follow me on Twitter  (click on the twitter bird on the left sidebar) - 2 extra entries

- Tell me a favorite Sweet that you can't go long without eating and why?
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- Tell Me what you do to make snack time fun for your kids, grand kids, or maybe you babysit - 3 extra entries
- Tell me your favorite Holiday Dish & Why - 2 extra entries

**Giveaway Ends Oct 20th at Midnight Eastern Time**

CONTEST ENDED - Winner's Have Been Contacted & Have 24hrs to Respond. Thanks to all who entered  =)



  1. Kristie said...

    Mixed Berry sounds yummy! :-)

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Anonymous said...

    The Diego mixed berry drinkable looks good for my kids.


  3. Anonymous said...

    I just subscribed via reader.


  4. Anonymous said...

    I cannot go long without chocolate because I crave it.


  5. Anonymous said...

    I make snack time fun by using yogurt and cinnamon as a dip for fruits such as apples.


  6. Anonymous said...

    In the summer we make snacktime fun by having our snacks outside as a picnic. #2


  7. Anonymous said...

    We also make snack time fun by using cookie cutters to cut cheese and other snacks into different shapes.#3


  8. Anonymous said...

    My favorite Holiday dish is homemade stuffing. Why? My Aunt only makes it ones a year and it is to die for.


  9. Anonymous said...

    Holiday Comment#2 I guess I should have put the Why in this comment. My Aunt really does make the best stuffing ever.


  10. Jackeline said...

    I'd love to try the thick and creamy peaches 'n cream, it looks yummy!!!


  11. Anonymous said...

    Mixed Berry sounds great.My kids love fruit of any kind..Yum...Yum...achumney12[at]yahoo[dot]com

  12. cpullum said...


  13. Southern Sweet D's said...

    I'd like the mixed berry.

    dreaob at aol dot com

  14. Southern Sweet D's said...

    I follow on Google.

  15. Southern Sweet D's said...

    I follow on Google.

  16. Wehaf said...

    The peaches and cream sounds delicious!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  17. Wehaf said...

    I love Gummi Bears, and eat them all the time. I have no idea why! Maybe because they are sweet but not heavy.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  18. Julie said...

    Harvest Peach is my choice


  19. Julie said...

    # 1 blog follower


  20. Julie said...

    # 2 follow blog


  21. Julie said...

    rss subscriber through Google Reader


  22. Julie said...

    One of my favorite sweets that I can't go too long without are brownies. I love chocolate :)


  23. Julie said...

    Frosted sugar cookies are one of my favorite Holiday treats-

    Us kids made them together for Christmas :)

    entry # 1


  24. Julie said...

    entry # 2

    Frosted sugar cookies are one of my favorite Holiday Treats. Us kids use to make them together for Christmas


  25. lorides said...

    my kids love their mixed berry flavor

  26. lorides said...

    To make snack time fun for my kids, I try to involve them. If we are have fuit, they "help" me cut it up, we count out our fruit snacks and they love making fruit and yogurt smoothies with me.

  27. lorides said...

    My favorite holiday dish is my chesnut stuffing that I make for Thanksgiving. It take a lot of time but, everyone always loves it

  28. Gerrie said...

    I think the strawberry banana sounds good

  29. Gerrie said...

    I follow with google friends

  30. Gerrie said...

    twitter follower @shaeffermom

  31. Gerrie said...

    twitter follower @shaeffermom

  32. Gerrie said...

    I always have to have some sort of mint just to keep my mouth from drying out.

  33. Susan said...

    The Yoplait Kids Mixed Berry Drinkable Yogurt is my grandkids favorite drink.

    The also love the Yoplait Kids Peach Yogurt - but they won't eat a "grown-up" peach yogurt. Yes, this bad grandma tried to pass my yogurt off as one of theirs. They didn't buy it ...

  34. Susan said...

    My favorite sweet is graham crackers. I can eat a whole sleeve if I'm not careful. Plus it goes so well with othr things.

  35. Susan said...

    To make snack time fun for the grandkids I try to have a different combination of things each day. Apples & peanut butter. Yogurt and graham crackers. Veggies and dip. I try to keep it healthy as possible and will be willing to try a combination the 5 year old wants to test out.

    Fridays are reserved for a treat. Their choice.