Soda Stream Giveaway Ends Tonight So Hurry

8:29 PM Posted by Michelle

I have seen this for about a year now on various blog giveaways and I have been drooling over want one so bad because think of how cool it would be to make soda's at home instead of paying the outrageous store prices, and believe me the stores keep going up on soda's all the time. 
The Fountain Jet comes already assembled. All you have to do is attach the CO2 tank to the back of the unit. You filled the BPA free bottle with tap water, chilled it and once chilled, placed it onto the Soda Stream.Then you push a button a few times and in a split second you have soda water.then you add the flavor mix you want and instantly you have flavored soda. You don't have to use any Electricity. or Batteries. How cool is that??? When you wanted another flavor,you just wash the bottle and reused again.You can send the CO2 tanks backs and exchange them for half the price. See why I want soda drink mixes contain less sugar, carbs and sodium than the store bought brands. The diet flavors are made with Splenda....Now you can enter to win one over at The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness, but HURRY!!!!!! -

Also check out the Soda Stream @SodaStream