Hostess Cupcakes Giveaway at Mom Start

7:46 PM Posted by Michelle

   Hostess Cupcakes are 90 years old and still delicious.   
Did you know that the cupcake was sold for 30 years before the signature squiggles and vanilla-crème were added? That’s right, originally in 1919 it was just a chocolate cupcake.. Americans eat more than 600 million Hostess Cupcakes every year.  One of America’s BBQ capitals has a sweet spot for Hostess Cupcakes.  Residents of Memphis, Tennessee...Humm, do you have a sweet spot for Hostess??? Well, if you do you should hop on over to Mom Start and enter this giveaway... Five coupons will go to one person for Cupcakes, yep that's right Free Sweets....YUM!!! But hurry it all Ends . 
September 30 11:59 pm Pacific  Click Here:  MOM START