Home Cooking and Scary Movies - Can't Beat It

4:03 PM Posted by Michelle

Well, today is a Meatloaf Day - YUM - We are cooking some yummy meatloaf with bell peppers and onions in it and I'm not a big onion fan but, put in something they are pretty good. We are also having rice with gravy. Later I will eat and boy does it smell fantastic. I am also going to watch some scary movies in the true fashion of Halloween =)  If you don't know I shall tell you, I am a HUGE scary movie fanatic and  horror collector. I am also crazy about all of the paranormal shows on t.v like Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Ghosts Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. I also love the Most Haunted Places Shows and the Scariest Places Shows. I am a big Monster Quest, and Lost Tapes fan too. I buy all types of dvd's because I collect them but, my main collection is horror so I have many choices to choose from. I think I will watch my man Chucky because what's a little childs play? I also will definitely watch the original Amityville not the 2005 version. I love the 1979 version with James Brolin, Margot Kidder...Nothing beats the original of most movies except in very rare cases. What do you think?? I also love the campy type horror movies. Wanna know a movie that gave me nightmares when I was a child??? It was the Shining  with Jack Nickleson. I know it's really not that scary now but when I was a teenager I remember waking up in what I think they call Moon Chairs today only back then they were huge and leather.  I woke up and was so scared I stayed there all night until it was day light...lol...My dream was of Louis Gossett Jr. getting hacked up...I was scared to hang my feet off of the chair because I thought something would get me too...lol...looking back I think to myself I was a silly thing  =) That is the only movie to ever scare me and I am thirty five now. I love the older scary movies more than the new ones. Some of my faves besides the ones above are Candyman (1992), Puppet Master (1989), Wishmaster (1992), Hellraiser  (1987 ), Halloween (1978), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and lastly - It's Alive (1974) -There you have it some of my all time favorites....What are some of yours??? Well. I'm off to watch some ghost shows I recorded last night on my DVR and then I'm going to watch Child's Play. Drop me a line or two I love hearing from everyone. 


  1. Doreen said...

    I love my scary movies also!! Halloween is at the top for me, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Amityville, Child's Play...etc. Love all of these classic ones, they're the best. I do like some remakes but mostly the classics are best. I'm thirty two and when I was just TWO, my Dad sat me down with him and watched Halloween. :) I wouldn't do that if I had a child of my own...TWO is too young. lol