Children In Need - Hugs & Hope Christmas Elf Program

2:58 PM Posted by Michelle

Have you ever wanted to help a child during the holidays but, didn't know how or where?? Well have I got the perfect program for you it's The Hugs & Hope Christmas Elf Program. You can sponsor a child and you can be a present elf with a minimum of $25 for a present or you can be a stocking elf with no limit. You can request a girl or boy and you can also request a age range you'd like and they will try to match you with your request. You then wrap it and have it in the mail by Dec, 4th, 09...This is such a great program. You not only help sick children but you can also help there siblings which is awesome to me. I'm disabled on a fixed income but you can bet your bottom I will be helping a child this year. When I first heard of this my heart went out to this program. Think about it this way, for all of the coffee's, soda's, burgers or things you buy on a daily basis, why not buy less for yourself and give to a child in need with the extra?? If your interested you can go to Mrs. Modern Blog and read more about it and you can also email Autumn  who is the Head Elf and ask more questions if needed or volunteer. But, please if you volunteer then please follow through and don't back out because this is very important to a child. So only do it if you know that you will follow through with your commitment. Thank you & Take Care Everyone!!!